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19 Eki Per



Kukla Tiyatrosunda Ses Kullanımı (Bulgaristan)

16+ yaş Söyleşi: Katerina Ilkova

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Kukla Tiyatrosunda Ses Kullanımı (Bulgaristan)
Kukla Tiyatrosunda Ses Kullanımı (Bulgaristan)


19 Eki 2023 16:00 – 17:00

Çankaya, Kavaklıdere, Esat Cd. No: 28/A, 06680 Çankaya/Ankara, Türkiye

Hakkında / About The Event

Katerina Ilkova

Katerina Ilkova is a professor in the National Academyfor Theatre and Film Art (NATFA) in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 1988 she finished her university education, specialtyActress for puppet theater,Master's degree. In 1989 her puppet mono – performance”A tale of yarn” was released. It provokethe start of her teaching and research work in the field of speech for puppet theatre and interactive communication with children audience. In 2002 Ilkova defends PhD degree. Her dissertation, and the monography named “AND THEY HAVE SPOKEN” are focused on the speech in the puppet theatre and all itsaspects – dramaturgy, sound of the speech, theperception of the aesthetical ideas bythe audience, through actor`sintonation. In 2010 with her research work titled “PREPARING FOR A CHARACTERISTIC VOICE” qualifying for a competition for acquiring the academic position „Associate professor “ inNATFA.This research analyzes, in depth, the problematic acoustic environments, where the puppeteers work. A variety of medical studies are being presented, followed by inferential conclusions. Thus proving the whole human body being capable to function as a sound waves emitter. Different acoustic studies are presented, followed by variants of using the accosting environment as a transmitter of the sound waves.Ilkova became professor with her monography titled “TANDEM or how the first professional training methodology for puppeteers were created”. This monograph follows the historical processes, that preceded and influenced the creating of higher education for professional puppet actors in Bulgaria.

Ilkovaportfolio includes more than 20 theatre productions in which she has worked as an actress, director or playwright.Shehasmoretha15 publicationsinthefieldof voice, diction, breathing, puppet theatre, speech-gesture,the role of object work in puppetry and connections to preschool and school education.

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