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Target Audience​ of the Festival

  • Children, youth and educators to watch performances of high quality.

  • Adults, who has never met puppet theatre before.

  • People interested in stage and visual arts.

  • Theatre artists performing for adults.

  • All the institutions beleiving in the power of culture and arts and working in this field.

Festivalin Hedef Kitlesi

  • Kaliteli kukla oyunları ile buluşamayan çocuklar, gençler ve eğitimciler.

  • Kukla oyunlarıyla karşılaşmamış tüm yetişkinler.

  • Sahne ve görsel sanatlarla ilgilenen herkes.

  • Özellikle yetişkinler için oyun sahneleyen tiyatro sanatçıları.

  • Ülke gelişiminde kültür ve sanatın önemine inanan ve bu alanda çalışan tüm kurumlar.​

Festival Objectives

  • To instill the love of puppetry, promote it as an art form, and launch a traditional puppet festival in Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

  • To enrich the creative world of the children of Ankara with puppet plays.

  • To establish and spread the notion that the art of puppetry can also have a voice and place in the adult world by saying that “Puppets are not just for children!”

  • To raise the level of aesthetic appreciation and strengthen the ties between art and society through the art of puppetry, which incorporates all forms of art.

  • To ensure that Karagioz, recognized as part of the ‘World’s Cultural Heritage’ by UNESCO, hosts a puppet festival in Ankara and welcomes puppet masters from around the world.

  • To present to viewers, artists, and producers of Turkey the different approaches to puppetry in different countries, the experiences of puppeteers, as well as international artistic standards.

  • To introducealternative approaches to using and staging puppets.

  • To encourage the holding of puppet activities across the country with the support of the public and the press. To improve the quality of production in the field of puppetry through seminars, exhibitions and workshops.

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